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College Football Week 12

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Coqui, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Reminder that the game is listed under the home team's conference.

    Conference Power Rankings:
    Conf. 	AP       Computer  Rate   Rank      Rate Change 
    SEC 	1 	3 	  96.6 	1 	 1.1 
    Big 12   4 	1 	  90.0 	2 	 6.1 
    Pac-10 	3 	2 	  89.2 	3 	 0.6 
    Big Ten	2 	4 	  89.0 	4 	 -2.9 
    WAC 	5 	7 	  61.0 	5 	 4.5 
    MWC 	6 	6 	  55.6 	6 	 -11.9 
    ACC 	7 	5 	  43.6 	7 	 5.8 
    Big East 9 	8 	  23.7 	8 	 0.5 
    C-USA 	10 	9 	  18.4 	9 	 -0.7 
    MAC 	8 	10 	  14.5 	10 	 -0.1
    SunBelt 11 	11 	  9.2 	11 	 -0.3 

    Saturday, November 20
    12:00PM Virginia @ Boston College
    12:00PM North Carolina State @ North Carolina
    1:30PM Duke @ Georgia Tech
    2:00PM Clemson @ Wake Forest
    3:30PM #16 Virginia Tech @ #24 Miami (FL)
    8:00PM #25 Florida State @ Maryland

    Notes: Picking Miami for the upset purely based on feel. There are no stats to back this up.

    Big 12

    Saturday, November 20
    12:00PM #10 Oklahoma State @ Kansas
    2:10PM Kansas State @ Colorado
    3:00PM Weber State @ Texas Tech
    3:30PM Florida Atlantic @ Texas
    7:00PM #15 Missouri @ Iowa State
    8:00PM #14 Oklahoma @ Baylor
    8:00PM #8 Nebraska @ #19 Texas A&M

    Notes: I think Texas might be able to win this one? Maybe a 51% chance of winning.

    Big East

    Saturday, November 20
    12:00PM Pittsburgh @ South Florida
    12:00PM West Virginia @ Louisville
    7:00PM Connecticut @ Syracuse
    7:30PM Rutgers @ Cincinnati

    Big Ten
    Saturday, November 20
    12:00PM Penn State vs. Indiana
    12:00PM Purdue @ #12 Michigan State
    12:00PM #7 Wisconsin @ Michigan
    3:30PM Illinois @ Northwestern
    3:30PM #9 Ohio State @ #20 Iowa

    Notes: With Northwestern's QB out for the season, I gotta go with the Illini. This week will determine if there will still be 3 or 2 contenders for the conference championship. Ohio State has to play a great game to beat Iowa. Wisconsin might actually break 100 this game.

    Conference USA

    Saturday, November 20
    1:00PM East Carolina @ Rice
    2:00PM UTEP @ Tulsa
    3:00PM Marshall @ Southern Methodist
    3:30PM UCF @ Tulane
    4:00PM Memphis @ UAB
    8:00PM Houston @ Southern Miss


    Saturday, November 20
    3:30PM Arkansas State @ Navy
    7:00PM Army vs. Notre Dame

    Notes: 1 week doesn't make me a believer yet. I think Army handles them easily.

    Mid-American Conference

    Tuesday, November 16
    8:00PM Ohio @ Temple

    Wednesday, November 17
    6:00PM Miami (OH) @ Akron
    8:00PM Bowling Green @ Toledo

    Saturday, November 20
    1:00PM Northern Illinois @ Ball State
    2:00PM Eastern Michigan @ Buffalo
    2:00PM Kent State @ Western Michigan

    Notes: Damn Tuesday games :mad:

    Mountain West

    Thursday, November 18
    10:00PM Air Force @ UNLV

    Saturday, November 20
    2:00PM Colorado State @ Wyoming
    6:00PM New Mexico @ Brigham Young
    10:00PM #23 Utah @ San Diego State

    Pac 10

    Thursday, November 18
    8:00PM UCLA @ Washington

    Saturday, November 20
    3:30PM #6 Stanford @ California
    8:00PM USC @ Oregon State


    Thursday, November 18
    7:30PM Georgia State @ #11 Alabama

    Saturday, November 20
    12:21PM Troy @ #17 South Carolina
    12:30PM Appalachian State @ Florida
    3:30PM Mississippi @ #5 LSU
    7:00PM #13 Arkansas @ #21 Mississippi State
    7:30PM Tennessee @ Vanderbilt

    Notes: Seriously? You couldn't play games in Division 1-A this late in the season?

    Sun Belt

    Saturday, November 20
    3:30PM North Texas @ Louisiana-Monroe
    4:15PM Middle Tennessee @ Western Kentucky
    7:00PM Florida International @ Louisiana-Lafayette


    Friday, November 19
    9:30PM Fresno State @ #4 Boise State

    Saturday, November 20
    3:00PM Idaho @ Utah State
    4:05PM New Mexico State @ #18 Nevada
    10:30PM San Jose State @ Hawaii

    NCAA Games of the Week -
    #16 Virginia Tech @ #24 Miami (FL)
    #8 Nebraska @ #19 Texas A&M
    #9 Ohio State @ #20 Iowa
    #13 Arkansas @ #21 Mississippi State
  2. lol, I hope I can find that GSU game on tv. this is their FIRST YEAR with a football program and they're playing bama :fly:
  3. Fuck you Coqui

    no seriously

    fuck you
  4. #4 Atan Nolme, Nov 17, 2010
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    I have to agree with him on the Wisc. vs. Mich. game. I just hope he is right about PSU vs. IU.
  5. Our defense isn't THAT bad. Although I don't know if Martin and Mouton are still out. :omy:
  6. Michigan has the 11th ranked total defense in the conference.
    Indiana has the 10th.

    Michigan has the 10th ranked rushing defense in the conference.
    Indiana has the 9th.

    Michigan has the 11th ranked scoring defense in the conference.
    Indiana has the 9th.

    Yes....when it comes to playing Wisconsin, your defense IS that bad. Just a question of will Bulemia actually run up the score or not.


  8. Holy Shit! :eek:

    If this story becomes fully true, the SEC will need to find another member to qualify for a championship game.

    This will be a very incredibly long read with multiple links you will need to read t get the full story
  9. I have no allegiance to anyone but Ohio State. So there's no reason for me to pick one team over another. And before anyone says it, the computers already hate Ohio State so Miami is no longer helping our case.
  10. Jesus Christ Im not reading all that.
  11. #11 Coqui, Nov 18, 2010
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    What I quoted was enough for you to realize what is going to happen. You just need to read the rest if you want to know why.

    The general gist is that there's racketeering involved as well as human trafficking (basically) and this has been going on long before Cam Newton.
  12. I don't even know what the deal with Cam Newton is. :eek:
  13. In short:

    He cheated on homework/tests 3 times at Florida before getting caught with a stolen laptop.
    He then offered to play for Miss. St for the bargain price of $180,000.
    Then without any indication, he chose Auburn along with 3 other recruits who were heavy leans to other schools, chose Auburn, Cam's dad gets money out of nowhere to rebuild his church and gets a $60,000 truck.
  14. Maybe the good lord provided for them.
  15. Theres alot of d1 schools that pull the same shit, they just haven't been blatantly caught.
  16. Yeah, everyone does it. Do people really think its about academics anymore? REALLY???
  17. that's why I call it minor league football
  18. The issue is that Auburn didn't care. This is like USC but they added neon lights to it.
  19. I've watched all of the bama vs. gsu game so far. this could have easily been over 100-0.
    how did first year of ncaa football gsu get this game scheduled? it's like the pats playing a pop warner team. I heard gsu got paid 400k for being in this.
  20. Alabama needed practice for Auburn.