CNN's Kyra Phillips will not have a happy Thanksgiving this year

fly said:
per the norm...
My brother showed me a very interesting article about the whole katrina thing from the wall street journal yesterday.

It really pissed me off, I'm sicker of Katrina than I am of Jon Benet
Ryokurin said:
capped. I had to trim the biff part to get it on youtube. I may put that on veoh later if they dont have the limit... probably be up in 20m or so.
You have pipeline access? I did a quiz hoping I'd win it. I watch fuck all online, apart from the odd music video on YouTube.

No cracks on my encoding job AC, I know its crap as it was done in a rush. :)

They wont give employees Pipeline access at home. we have it at work however. Well, I could make it work at home for me, but thats too much work.

edit: up and running. considering I had to run it at 70% quality to get it on youtube its not bad.
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FlyNavy said:


hahahaha I see it now

(* don't mind me im just a :tard: )