GAY Christmas swag thread

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

Clam whisperer
Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
Tell us all what you got for the holidays. I received:

£50 amazon gift card (from my doctor at work)
Zebra print screwdriver, tweezers, nail file and nail scissors (from secret santa at work)
Big set of bolt croppers :drool:
Mint choc chip shower stuff (which smells like I need to eat it)
2 bottles of gin (with some tonic)
Some books
Dalmatian print furry pyjama's
White furry boot slippers
2 perfumes (Vera Wang - Look and Marc Jacobs - Lola)
Desk calendar

Whats your swag?
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Only just gotten up. We will open the presents soon. They are mostly for Emmett and a couple for ****.
It's just the three of us for Christmas this year. It's kind of ... different.... because we have a HUGE family and I'm usually in Texas at this time dealing with the crowded house. :fly:
So far:

LOTR extended edition for blu-ray
Cowboys vs. Aliens
A Computer repair toolkit
Xbox 360 w/Kinect
3 pairs of Vic-Firth 5B drumsticks.
$100 amazon gift card from my bro
another amazon gift card (not sure on amount) from my Aunt and Uncle
ice creepers from same Aunt and Uncle (much better creepers than I have)
waiting on my other aunt & uncle to stop over with their gifts.
some clothes from my mom

best gift is just being with most of my family for the holidays.
I got cash, an electronic putting green, gift cards, some shirts and some sex. And lots of food. It was an id Christmas.
- kindle
- cash
- Grey Goose
- Tanqueray 10
- gift cards for this awesome local kitchen store
- whiskey stones. Seriously, I picked some random thing for the UF thread and said that. I've never mentioned them to my wife, and she picked some up. she's awesome.
- a couple of sweaters
-circular saw
-ice boots
-ski coat and pants
-star wars operation
-Police Academy set from Fly
-Heavy bag and gloves
-random gifts cards and booze
-hockey and basketball tickets