NSFW Christmas Fapping

Legos and I don't know for the youngest, legos are bought.

Monster high dolls and I don't know for the oldest.

RC car and I don't know for the middle.

Dad gets to play Santa this year, so I'm just doing a few small presents from mom.
I'm a shopper so if I find a good deal in March for a Christmas gift, I'll buy it.

I might even wrap early but that's just to get it out of the way. Though I've been doing gift bags for my gifts and that helps a LOT!

Dom is getting mostly Star Wars stuff and Cars characters that he loves playing with.

Luis is getting nothing' ;)
I'm probably saving my money for January sales instead

Don't really feel a need to do Christmas this year - as with every year - and have volunteered to do shifts in the kids home if needed

DJB will get a whiskey no doubt - mother will get something - otherwise it's another day
Very Cool. Very very cool.

I always tend to do something for other people at Christmas instead of the traditional crap

Last year I visited a friend of a friend for the day who has mental health issues and was lonely - so I brought her presents and we walked her dogs so she got some company on a very lonely day

It seems to mean a lot more to other people than it does to me :)
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I xmas shop at the last minute. I worked retail in my college years and hated every second of it between November and Christmas and avoid retail stores at all cost that time of year. Thank God for gift cards, internet shopping, and next day shipping.