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Hawt Christmas Card Sign up

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by kiwi, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. So Flop will quit whining like a baby girl.

    Send me your address if you would like to participate in the Card swap, this is just for Christmas cards, not gifts. Please put "card swap" in the subject, as I often get 100's of fan pm's a day and want to make sure I don't miss anybody. You have until the 8th to sign up.
  2. I'm in if you promise to be nice to me
  3. I'm in with my new address.

    Maybe this year I can get DJB to share the postage cost. :nev:
  4. I'll be gentler this year, I promise. :hi2u:
  5. I think the only one I didn't get a card from last year was Captain Irish Angry Pants. He had one of his holiday meltdowns and put on his Robert Smith outfit and cried for a month.
  6. now that's peaked my interest..
  7. Captain Irish Angry Pants requested not to send one to me or receive one from me last year. :(

    Fella mad.
  8. What's the cut off date?
  9. the OP says the 8th
  10. duh I guess if I read the whole thing
  11. I just don't trust you guys with my address. :wtf:

  12. I would never mail anyone anything offensive or that could be construed as a biological hazard.
  13. I'm more afraid of you showing up at my door one day and asking to use the bathroom.
  14. Hey, its ok, Id bring my own TP.
  15. LIES!

    I recall a particular holiday funzie the clown card....
  16. He was shipping the card as TP, just in case...
  17. I think every card/gift ever sent by someone has been of good taste and not offensive.