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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Rollout, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. I was playing this (which one would you rather do) game with some of my friends and decided to bring it here. Admins/mods: if u feel that this thread is too silly and you dont want it here just close it and i will not bring it back up again. I go by several categories: sex, food, places, health etc. If u have another category suggestion just shout it and it will be added. Question 1: Sex= Would you rather kiss a gay guy or let ur mom give you a handjob?
  2. If you could plant a flower in your ass, what kind of fertilizer would you use?
  3. why has your posting style changed since last week?
  4. I'll kiss the gay guy.
  5. This is called "Would You Rather".... there is a whole line of games on it. I even have the iPhone app :waw:

  6. Well, last week the dupe was pretending to be a teenaged black male...

    This week he's already slipped that he's older.

    Next week he'll be white.
  7. would you rather be Enema or Rollout Guy?
  9. a dupe then..

  10. lol name calling in all caps.

    instant cruise control to cool.
  11. Kiss a gay guy.

    Would you rather get blown by an ugly chick or a talented gay guy? Blindfold optional if needed.
  12. :shifty:

    Because a hand job would be tricky?
  13. Enema. She has friends.
  14. Blowed by ugly chick
  15. If you could be mashed potatoes, would you prefer to have lumps or no lumps?
  16. Who the fuck cares if its a dupe?

    I'll take the gay guy.
  17. plenty lumps. It make u tough
  18. Are you an lolcat?
  19. I made and art project.
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    He\she also had advanced knowledge that EileenBunny was skinny.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.