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Chilean Miner on Twitter

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by DJBrenton, Sep 18, 2010.


    • Name Chilean Miner
    • Location In a gold mine
    • Web
    • Bio Hard working Chilean miner stuck in a mine with only a laptop and 32 co-workers for company
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    If the pizza we ordered online doesn't arrive in the next hour apparently we get it for free. 9:01 PM Sep 3rd via Twuffer

    The toilet situation has become untenable down here. The attendant is running low on Joop. 5:51 PM Aug 28th via web

    We just all said goodnight to each other like they do in the Waltons. Yeah that's four hours I wont be getting back. 4:00 AM Sep 3rd via Twuffer

    Just realised we don't have a full deck of cards down here. Having to use a shoe as the seven of clubs. 12:01 PM Aug 31st via Twuffer

    Ernesto has promised to act out Big Trouble in Little China tonight to keep our spirits up
    9:00 AM Sep 2nd via Twuffer

    If I wasn't trapped down this mine I'd probably be at work, down this mine 28 August 2010 08:58:39 via Twitter for Android

    How many people do you need to make a basketball team? We were thinking of forming an amateur league down here 27 August 2010 16:35:51 via web

    Sergio just told me that if I were a wizard at Hogwarts, he reckons I'd be in Hufflepuff. I wanted to panel him.

    Trying to build a piano but struggling to tune a lump of rock to middle C

    Juan is making an iPhone app. To my untrained eye it looks like a square piece of coal with JUAN scratched into it

    We're playing snap with our credit cards. Most of us are with Mastercard so the rounds are very short
    12:53 AM Sep 10th via web

    I'm back! Back in the USSR! And by USSR I mean 'this Chilean gold mine', and by 'back' i mean 'still' 1:00 AM Sep 1st via Twuffer

    We have set a free standing door in the middle of the room for people to storm through and slam, should they wish to convey anger

    Juan's 'Batmobile' is horribly predictably a Nokia N96 with the word 'BAT' scratched into it

    Ramon is incandescent with rage after the rice cakes he labelled 'RAMON' have been eaten by another miner, also called Ramon

    Does anybody want to buy 33 Lady Gaga tickets?

    Playing dominoes not only helps us keep a firm grip on reality but stops us thinking about the polar bear guarding a hatch down here

    "Juan thinks digging a second bedroom will add value to the mine "

    "Had a row with Ramon about what the title of the sequel to the film Home Alone is. He thinks it's called 'The Mummy Returns' "

    Beginning to regret taking all my annual leave in September
    about 3 hours ago via Twuffer

    Playing Nokia Snake using a worm that Ramon found & crumbs of raw dirt. Had to stop when worm blacked out after crashing into it's own rear
    about 19 hours ago via web

    The mine is a-buzz with rumours of a masked vigilante known only as 'Bat Juan'

    Juan is entertaining us on his harmonica. He only knows 1 tune. It's the theme to Jet Set Willy. He plays it on loop.
    8:10 PM Aug 25th via mobile web

    We just took a vote on whether or not to smash up Juan's repetitive harmonica with a mallet. Results were as follows. FOR: 32 AGAINST:Juan
    4:29 PM Aug 26th via web

    Juan has produced another Harmonica. This could be a long night. If indeed it is night.
    6:00 PM Aug 26th via web

    Someone has been stealing my wet wipes! I won't point the finger, but a certain harmonica player smells VERY lemony now
    1,283,356,783,000.00 via web

    First rule of Mine Club: You do not talk about Mine Club… Second rule of Mine Club: No Running about 4 hours ago

    Finally completed my 5000 piece jigsaw. Disappointingly, it’s a picture of the bottom of a mine

    According to Ramon's home made calendar, today is August 46th
    about 11 hours ago via web

    Caught Ramon trying to saw off a support beam earlier. He will stop at nothing in his quest for Giant Jenga about 8 hours ago via Twuffer
  2. I lolled at some of them. Those poor guys. lol
  3. pretty funny
  4. blinding
  5. "Finally completed my 5000 piece jigsaw. Disappointingly, it’s a picture of the bottom of a mine"

  6. I imagine not a lot different then the guys who spend a lot of time on subs.
  7. They aren't paying those guys the whole time they are stuck there.
  8. Some of those are pretty funny
  9. Except a sub isnt 95 degrees and you can have a nintendo ds
  10. And flush toilets, hot showers, kitchens....
  11. subs might have those luxuries now... ever toured the u-505 in chicago?
  12. But Germans don't need toilets, and hot showers are purely organic for them.

    I've walked through an US WWII sub, man them were some tight quarters.
  13. The Nautilas in CT? That thing is small.
  14. Nope, but yeah that one is tiny too. That was post WWII though I think.
  15. Theres one in a park near here that you can tour through
    That thing is REALLY small on the inside, and had a crew of like 30 guys
  16. I was meaning more just getting used to being "outside" again, but yea, whatever on all those other technicalities.