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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. ... I am sick and tired of your shit. Quit with your namby pamby talking behind my back bullshit you worthless lard guzzling cock snorkler. I hope your house sells and you move into your new one and get attacked by zombies and stuff. And I hope they molest your cats with their zombie dongles.
  2. Chiiiiiiiiiiikeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn.....
  3. Tell him how you really feel.
  4. Dude, my cats would SO eat your zombies and their cuecats.

    And I don't guzzle lard btw, I gargle it.
  5. zombies use cuecats?
    pfft no wonder theyre so dum
  6. They got them from radio shack...
  7. zombies shop at radio shack?
    Pfft no wonder theyre so dum
  8. Which further proves that while zombies lust after brains, they have none of their own.
  9. :fly: curse you
  10. go fuck a hynerian
  11. Forum drama is lame.
  12. you're lame
  13. nice rep

    Edit : Nice bank account.
  14. threads about other people are lame! :p
  15. Ahahahahahahaha

    I'm dying here now
  16. I thought you were fixing that bug?
  17. he was gonna but his cuecat broke
  18. this thread needs moar beef