Checkout my new inflatable toy...

theacoustician said:
Where the fuck do you get money for all this shit?

Never heard of credit cards before? Free money!!!

No. Actually we will probably be taking out a small home equity loan to pay for that, finishing off the rest of the house, and a few other small things. I would prefer not to do it, but at this point for my wife's sanity and to save some money in the long run its probably the best way to go.
My neighbor has one of those. The rock-climbing wall is pretty cool. Sometimes late at night I sneak over and play on it when no one can see me. Covering my naked body in camouflage paint seems to help, too.
This product is intended for single-family residential use only, by children ages two to ten and a maximum weight of 105 pounds. Any recommendation over 10 years of age or 105 pounds exceeds the upper limits specified in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Home Playground Safety Standard. In order for PlayStar to comply with the ASTM Standard, we cannot recommend anyone above these limits.

Yeah, kinda sucks. They make industrial strength swings and rings that you can buy for adults. I think the slides and platforms will be fine for most adults. Each component has an individual weight limit. I, for instance, could use all of the items except the rings and the swings.
CletusJones said:
I'm sure the question on everyone's mind now is: did you enjoy it?
Pandora and Zoe will confirm that I was clutching my head and screaming "my eyes, my eyes" for several minutes afterwards.
Drool-Boy said:
do I have to wear underwear when I go down the slide?

you just have to get up quick once you get to the bottom, especially if the next guy on the slide is underpants-less as well.