chalk up one for the happy column.

Mrs. Valve

Dizzy Broad
Oct 6, 2004
:) it's a rare day when i like my boss, but today i love her.

i've been having trouble with a coworker who has way overstepped her boundaries in her work to interfere with mine (oh the stories i could tell). it's gone so far as having her call me up and yell at me and hang up on me, to doubling my work today and emailing my boss to question my abilities of doing anything right. this coworker just called me to tell me she was making a change and i went to my boss about it. my boss freaked out about this, saying what a fucking bitch this coworker was and totally agreed with me about what was going on, after i told her pretty much the entire story of these tribulations. as of right now, my boss is talking to her boss and she's getting in trouble. i feel like such a schoolgirl right now, but i'm as giddy as one because someone is finally seeing that i'm doing something good for a change:p

anyone else having a good day?
Day is allright. And with that last sentence you know we now require pics of you in a school girls outfit.

I wish I had a little more to do.
ChikkenNoodul said:
I want to track down the fucker at the weather controls today, and kick him square in the manberries

Yeah I'm pissed off at ours too- damn him and this week's worth of 70 degree weather! DAMN HIM!!!! :mad:

b_sinning said:
Your coworker is going to wipe her butt on your keyboard.
nah, that would be a sin of some sort. you don't understand. the dress code here is casual, and she comes in every day wearing a dress/business suit and tells us all that we're going to hell for not looking our best in God's eyes.
Good for you :heart:

My day's crappy, but that's nothing new these days. It has been worse, and for all I know might get worse before today's over.