Cat Scratch Crazy


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Nov 22, 2004
Savannah, GA
A few months ago an orange male cat started hanging around outside of my house. He is very skitish of people but never ever aggressive. Almost like it was abused or feral. I felt bad for him so like the big hearted dumb ass I am I started letting it come in and eat with the rest of my cats. We started calling him OC for orange cat. He was the boyfriend of one of our cats. The two males were always together. I let OC come and go but he never lets us touch him but he never acts aggressive he just runs if you try to touch him. His partner, our cat Merlot, has been missing for a few days. Which really sucks because he all loved him because he was always so sweet and friendly. We've looked everywhere for him. OC has been acting extra sad the past day or so.

Last night I was petting one of our cats and OC was sitting a few feet away watching me pet the cat. My wife says "He wants to be loved too." I tried to explain that OC wasn't a touchy feely cat and if he wanted to be touched would just come to you. Of course this was unacceptable to my wife. I swear she's Elmyra.

So today while I was at work Elmyra decided that OC really wanted a hug but was too high strung to come up to her so she somehow gave him a dose of melatonin. She won't tell me how much she gave him or how she got him to eat it but now this super scaredy cat is like a throw pillow. I've checked his vital signs and they appear to be ok but he is mellow to the point of being orange jello. She has just washed him and is blow drying him right now. I feel so sorry for the cat but everything I've researched the past few minutes says he will be ok once it wears off. WTF?


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Apr 5, 2006
Falls Church, VA
Seriously, I question whether you are making this stuff up, then realize no one could even imagine these things so it must be true.
I've seen pics of the wife using a magic marker on a kitty's bald spots. After that, I assume that all of his stories are true.

I still adore Mrs B, except for the drugging of the kitty. Not cool dude.