Hawt Casey Anthony - Not Guilty


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May 12, 2008
Brandon, FL

Frankly, I'm not surprised.

If this was the 'slam dunk' the prosecution said it would be, this case would have been brought to trial within 3 months of charges pressed. There have been a number of murders which have gone to trial, and been resolved, since Caylee died and before today.

The prosecution didn't have anything concrete to close this down. They didn't have anything 100% to point to Casey doing the crime, or being intentional. It was, pretty much, 100% circumstantial.

That being said, I strongly believe that the person who is most responsible for Caylee's death sat in that courtroom as some point.

I can't say for sure who it was.

I can say that the entire Anthony family is a fucking mess.

Beyond that, I'll save commentary for later ITT
I was just down in the food court getting lunch and every single person out of the couple hundred down there was glued to the jumbotron. you could hear a pin drop and then there was an audible gasp across the place when they read not guilty on the first count.

she's going to be dead inside 2 years from a pill OD and I think porn is the only possible career avenue at this point. now amanda knox needs to get out of jail so they can do murderer lesbo porn.
Who? Honestly I don't have live TV nor read internet news. who is he/she? Should I even care?
You had to be living under a freaking rock to not ever have heard anything about this over the past 3 years...

I think the press has pretty much saturated FL with the news since it's local, but honestly the only time I've heard mention of it up here is watching a Nancy Grace segment on Good Morning America.
You had to be living under a freaking rock to not ever have heard anything about this over the past 3 years...

No, honestly I haven't heard anything. I did see for weeks now when I pass by the coffee room with the TV on something that says Casey Armstrong trial, but I didn't pay any attention and kept walking. That's about the extent of my live TV viewing.
I am trying to get up to 2 minutes continuously but it's hard when your ass keeps floating to the top and you keep getting fingered while you are concentrating to the job at hand.
I think I just heard nancy grace's head explode. what a glorious day!

I wish it would have. That is why I will never stay at the Omni again. Last time I did I looked out my window andvthere was a huge Nancy bill board looking back at me. I had nightmares for weeks.