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Can we invite anyone?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Kevlar, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. I'm wondering if we can invite anyone from [M] :)
  2. invites are screened by fly, but lately that fucker has been letting everyone in

  3. yes he has.......
  4. I'm gonna take over his job or something
  5. Um, I wouldn't be too sure of that, just because they are listed as members doesn't mean they are all activated and able to participate.
  6. People that aren't going to be tards.
  7. I'm rather curious about this as well, I thought it was supposed to be open to anyone :confused:
  8. ok...thanks :D

  9. Registration is open to anyone, isn't it? Who is making the decision which ones to activate or not?
  10. That was my understanding, and why I haven't invited some.
  11. Mine to.

    Most of the non tards that I can think of don't hang out much in the tard part of the forum
  12. The Proving Grounds are there to help sort through people and figure out who should be let in. From what I understood, they were going to be skipped for the first round of direct referrals, in order to allow enough new members in, then they'd be set in place.
    I could be completely wrong, though.
  13. I dunno how that was supposed to work.

    At any rate, not all of those listed as "Currently active users" have been activated. I discovered that by accident :o
  14. There's that and the fact that they'd probably invite other tards..... ugh
  15. ac let me in AHAHAHA
  16. sarah here?

  17. Doesn't look like she's been approved
  18. Most of those I was interested in seeing here have registered and been approved, just a few more to go :cool:

    Yeah :(
  19. let's invite all of the KC.....
  20. :lol: great idea!