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Can anyone find the lyrics to Brian's Song?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. It's by John Tesh...and I've heard it a couple times in the radio. It's such an interesting song, and I can't seem to find the lyrics. :(

    Can anyone help? :heart:
  2. it was a football story from the 70's where the guy got cancer and died...brian piccolo(sp?)

    edit:I think that was brian's story? :lol:

    edit2:no, it is brian's song
  3. John Tesh??

  4. it's this song where the guy has a running commentary of everything that he thinks is wrong in today's society. :p

  5. I have no idea who he is...I've only heard the song like twice. :o
  6. hmmm....... sounds interesting
  7. There appears to be many songs with that name.

    Do you know any of the words?
  8. what's the soup dujour?

    the soup of the day

    hmmm...that sounds good
  9. I brought lunch

  10. in the very beginning he talks about how wrong it is that people get arrested for smoking weed when it's a natural plant, while at the same time there are drugs to give 80 year olds erections and how that's not natural. :o
  11. I want this song.
  12. Hay old people need erections too!

  13. If I can find it to download it...I'll transcribe it. I have nothing to do. :o
  14. What about studying?
  15. I'm so good, that I've worked ahead for the rest of the week. :o
  16. what for? :confused:
  17. "You think if Bill Gates got laid in high school we'd have microsoft?no. you have to spend a lot of time stuffed in lockers and with wedgies to think 'im gonna rule the world with computers you'll see!!'"