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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. :fatburger:
  2. Shit, I still don't have my own smiley? Fuckers.

  3. Why don't you have a smiley? :shifty:

    Edit: Neener neener :april:
  4. do the games suck on a laptop using touch pad? was going to go inside to my desktop to try them
  5. I dunno. do they?
  6. the link doesn't work. :confused:
  7. I tried but got a blank box where the game should have been...thought I had all the firefox plugins I needed...could be wrong though...have a ton of machines and can't remember what plugins have been installed where
  8. Try it now. I forgot. :heart:
  9. Just a flash game. .swf
  10. I need points?
  11. yes. i gave ya some...

    edit: and they're called marklar, not points. :p :heart:
  12. thanks :heart:

  13. the marklar is the official monetary unit of useless forum:D

  14. yup
  15. I feel like such a n00b. so how does one gain marklars? :(

  16. I want to say nudes, but I'd be lying.

    Wait... or would I???
  17. why would you want nudes of me? :o

  18. :fly: I'm a chick thats up for wwhhaaattevveerr...

    Shouldn't that be a way though? Or am I daydreaming too much. :fly:

  19. to...give to me?