block fly from aim NOW


Oct 13, 2004
mattressfish: my penis deep in your mouth, and yours in mine. we reach climax at the same time.
mattressfish: oops
wrong window
lameaimname1: ummm
mattressfish: hahahahahahahaa
lameaimname1: lol, wtf
Do you do that to everyone? Jeepers that guy gets around.
Baron Von Awesome said:
I haven't been on AIM in months, but if I'm missing out on hot gay cybar, I may have to find the time. :drool:
No shit you haven't you dirty soccer loving dungeon master
Guys, leave fly alone let him figure out who he really is. In the meantime just accept him for who he is. He needs all the love he can get at a time in his life like this. :heart:
April23 said:
Hey smartpants... your yahoo name is under your user name.

oh bloody hell :lol:

based on the above responses I think I'm safe