Blast a load in my ear

Fat Burger

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Sep 30, 2004
Portland, OR
I noticed an old bookmark for Webraced, and was surprised to find my account still active. Look who else I saw :p

lol, just started playing again and checked my bank in the game...have 3.3 mil sitting there for 4 years or so :lol:
SpangeMonkee said:
that from people losing to you?

don't think so...I had 60k in pocket change not in the bank which I'm guessing was what was left from wins and losses during that time...don't think the bank comes into play unless you manually move funds
holy shit! the flesh rocket STILL holds one of the course records in the game:lol:

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"The very first raced circuit. Starting with a long straight, followed by lots of twists and turns."
Record: 110.09(s) set by TheFleshRocket [M]