Bellsouth is stalking me


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Nov 22, 2004
Savannah, GA
I switched to a cheaper phone company a few months ago. At first they were calling me to switch back every other week. Then it was every week and now they have called me 6 times in the past two weeks. Everytime I tell them what I'm paying and if they will beat it then I'll switch back and they say they can't beat it so I ask them not to call me anmore but they won't stop calling. I asked the girl why is it I'm getting called nonstop now but when they fucked up m,y bill and over charged me I had to call multiple times, be on hold forever and it took a few months to get it corrected. Maybe that's why I left in the first damn place. I'm going to start looking up bellsouth employeees and calling them everyday and bugging the shit out of them and see how they like it.
Sorry. I heard that telemarketers were going to be able to start calling your cell phones soon. I signed up my home phone, my cell and Bast's cell for the no call list. We used to get 20 hang up calls on the answering machine every few days, now we only get like 6 a week. Which really isn't bad.
6 a week is still way to many. I'm on the no call list but becuase I had prior service with them they act like it doesn't apply to them.

I kept getting calls for me to donate to the poilce department. I told the guy if I could get a get out of jail free card or one warning instead of a ticket then I would give. He said they couldn't do that. I told him the next time I get a ticket feel free to call that my donation to the police department. I donate to fire departments and park services and other services that are unable to get money through ticketing or fines.
ChikkenNoodul said:
If you've asked them three times to be placed on their 'do not call' list and they keep calling you, they owe you $500. We got MBNA that way, bought us a digital camera right before a vacation :D
WHOA! Seriosly? I'd figure those rules would be kinda unenforceable...