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Being naked in front of family members

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Grunt, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. So I promised to go see my parents this weekend. Since we're Finnish a sauna was of course involved :p

    I really love being in a sauna. Imo its the most relaxing thing in the world. But it really makes me uncomfortable sitting naked next to my dad.. When I was a kid my entire family used to go in together several times per week. So me, my mom, dad and my brother used to sit in this kinda small sauna sweating next to each other for like an hour. :wtf: It didn't seem at all strange to me at the time.

    Of course I don't go to the sauna with my mom anymore but I really don't like going with my dad either. But when he asks me I can't just say "No I don't want to look at your ugly ass dad!". You see it is considered pretty normal around here, but I think its pretty fucking gross.
    I don't really like being naked around guys in general. Girls are another matter but they're not exactly lining up for the job :p

    So how do you feel about being naked around your family?
  2. Perverts.

    I'd probably be okay sunbathing topless with my parents around but they'll ever see me naked (unless they walk in on something). I occasionally walk round the house in panties and a hoodie for a few minutes if Im going to fetch something, I just kinda pull the hoodie down and walk briskly. ^__^
  3. I don't really care much for the extreme heat in saunas (my body doesn't seem to handle heat very well at all :/ ) so for me it's not really a problem that comes up alot. I wouldn't feel comfortable being naked around family members though, not at all.
  4. Yeah, it must seem pretty nasty to most people. But its the finnish way i suppose
    Don't blame me for being a pervert, I was raised in a fucked up home :p

    And I'd of course love to watch you sunbathing topless :drool:
  5. Silly swedes. We don't want you in our saunas :p
  6. I don't want to be there either so no worries there ;)
  7. I wouldn't mind all that much being naked around my dad. Its not that big of a deal, but then again, I don't go walking around naked around anyone other than my wife.

    Wow, that was a weird sentence.
  8. I would never, ever, ever be naked around my parents. I would find it easier to be naked around strangers. I'm not modest in the slightest. But my parents I would have a big problem with.
    Of course as a parent, my kid sees me naked all the time. Being a Mommy means never peeing without an audience.
  9. This thread made me uncomfortable.
  10. Yup, its the same thing with me. I'd much rather be naked around strangers than my parents.
    They're not that attractive to look at anyway :)

    I'm thinking about putting "Being a Mommy means never peeing without an audience." in my sig :lol:
  11. I remember the time my uncle had me get naked with him as a kid. He said I had some disease and wanted to check it out. It was cool, till I realized that doctors dont work out of vans. :hs:
  12. That would be a BIG negatory.
  13. Pretty much no
  14. Pretty much? Invite BigDaddy96 to UF then! :hi2u:
  15. I was on the swim team in HS.
    I got over the naked thing around guys pretty quick.

    My family...on the other
  16. so is it just totally unaccepted to wear a bathing suit into the sauna? that's what i do.

    i'm not a big fan of being naked around others. now that i think about it, i don't think anyone has seen me completely naked since i was a little kid.
  17. Its actually forbidden in to wear batching suits in most public saunas..
    I have no idea why.. Maybe there are some hidden cameras in there :(
  18. You could always cover yourself up with the birch tree leaves :)
  19. sickos

    can you wear a towel?
  20. Well they can't really force you to be naked. I doubt they even care. But like at the local gym theres a "No batching suits" sign on the sauna door. I have no idea why, but its there..

    But I seriously doubt they drag you of from the sauna and strip you if you don't feel like being naked. :p