Beer + Cheetos = the lose

Mean Mr. Mustard

Always shouts out something obscene
Sep 30, 2004
Ugh, I had some cheetos with my beer as my after work snack and it was vary nasty. Each is wonderful by itself, but together :barf:
Normally I would have pretzles or fritos with my beer but all I had was cheesy poofs.
Whats your favorite beer snack?

edit - fuck I just found a bag of goldfish crackers:mad: that woulda been 100 times better
SpangeMonkee said:
see, you screwed up by not getting the salty stuff. stick with salty and beer. the salt sucks up the saliva so that the beer can soak in.

Yeah thats the thing. Salty + beer = win.
Cheetos aint salty.
If I had rooted around in the pantry a bit more I woulda found the goldfish crackers.
Excedrin said:
Damnit. Now I want corn nuts =\
These are the best kind:
all depends on the type of beer you eat with your cheetos. i think i would have something dark like a shiner. that could be good.