Halp Becky's FUPA flies standby to Europe


Nov 16, 2010
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Okaaaaay so instead of chasing carys and her dad in 87263428736 million threads, im just gonna ask for their halp here as i really really need it. i hope to wake up 2moro morning and find all my questions answered by you smart helpful Brits :)

Okaaaay so our flight back to Toronto from Paris isnt looking too good. and i am devastated :( its already over booked and we are not counting on the 10% no show.
so our next option would be to take a train from Paris to London and catch a flight @ Heathrow which seems to have open flights back to Toronto.


my questions are as follows:

  1. how long does it take to train from Paris to London
  2. is the train station in central paris or near CDG airport
  3. how far is the train station in London from Heathrow
  4. what is my train stop in London and i need one super close to Heathrow
  5. how much does this shit cost… this trip is getting more and more expen$ive
  6. what the fuck is a bloak
  7. just kidding i know. it means kak!!! YAY
  8. carys will u come and hug me at the airport and pick the french lice off of my head

if worse comes to worse, we scrap Paris and just do London :(:(:( We looked at Barcelona and its booked too! WTF! Everything is booked BUT London. Hmmm

edit: Also, if we end up going to London instead, wtf is there to do there? I mean the whole purpose of this jaunt was to touch the Eiffel Tower and come home! WHAT AM I GONNA TOUCH IN LONDON? Big fucking Ben?

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