because elpmis loves you


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Sep 30, 2004
I'm just making sure all of you have been keeping up with your perry bible - the greatest comic strip in the WORLD
post your favorite strip :fly:


special thanks to smileynev who introduced me to it awhile back
ChikkenNoodul said:
What's the bag limit on Unicorns in NY? Anyone know?

When is unicorn season anyway? Buck season is on in PA, and I know some hunters who would probably go to NY if they don't get their buck.
bast_imret said:
did you know that a herd of unicorn is called a Blessing?
Did you know that that is one of the gayest things anyone has said on this forum. This forum...right here.
Forrest Dump said:
Did you know that people that know that are called faggots?

I can't help what useless tidbits of information the Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader dumped in my head this morning while I was on the crapper.