Movie Battlefield :L A


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Oct 13, 2004
Detroit, MI USA
everything I expected out of Skyline Battflefield gave me in spades
every Bit of action and pew pew I have come to expect out of alien invasion movies was covered. The comedy, the "oh shit get it off me!" moments the tear jerking moments. I felt.

I was happy sad mad and proud all at once.

They earned my Money and possibly a blue ray purchase.
I didn't expect some long winded why are there here nor this "soft and fuzzy let's be friends" that some people seem to go for.

premise was set, action was had and tense moments were available.

I don't even like most marines ( personal experience and preference for Navy based action) but I was almost shouting HOORAH at points.

if you need a good rental and don't need to find some hidden poticial agenda or subtext to some simple fun action go see this movie or wait for Release. I'd suggest the theatres as the sound was Awesome.