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Thread Bad reaction to wolf brand chili.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Atan Nolme, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Uh link?
  2. Yeah, I'm trying to figure out why I care that some guy committed arson somewhere far away from me.
  3. No, really, I'm still trying desperately to figure this out. I feel like if I wait long enough guy whose name I can't pronounce or spell will come back and explain this but he never does. I might be wrong though. Maybe he just made this thread for no reason. Or maybe he was trying to make me crazy. Nah, that's just paranoid. Or is it?
  4. Ok, I'll play

    Mountaineer discovered secret mosque at Everest base camp.
  5. Cocktail waitress finds briefcase containing plans to build an underground mosque in the White House.
  6. Move over Wikileaks.
  7. Unknown man sets fire to U haul facilityin Saratoga from where a muslim is believed to have once rented a trailer.
  8. I pride myself on being a lone wolf. chicks can't run afoul that way saying "aw nah, who is that bitch?"
    fuck social media
  9. I grew up by saratoga, ny and was betting at the windows before I could even see over the counter
  10. Muslim.
  11. 6 DEGREES!
  12. and not a single fuck was given that day
  13. This thread confuses me. I really wish he would have given his opinion on the article.
  14. mooslims are evil, praise jesus, vote for palin
  15. mooslims are evil, praise jesus, vote for palin
  16. She was in houston for a book signing yesterday, and I found it interesting, that all the tv news outlets were showing people waiting in line for hours and talking about how awesome they think she is, the comment section on the chronicles website everyone was posting about what an idiot they think she is.
  17. oh and obama's a kenyan
  18. I'm glad you have this attitude, cause you definitely don't want too see the face book page dedicated to you....