Avatars for UF

April23 said:
I was just thinking you gave up on this place.
:fly: my internet sucks so bad in the dorms.... so i do less forum browsing now.

fly said:
like your oen on OT?
you suck at teh engrish language, but i will translate it the best i can.
yes mine is a little annoying, i have been thinking of changing it to something anime like:eek:
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yea I had to choose the second one because the lighthouse pic's border runs right through the middle of the icons and that bugs me too much
InnerMuse said:
I love pics of autumn. It's always green or dead here in Fla and autumn pics give me what i can't normally experience. :heart:

I'll have to take some pics of the canyon we just moved next too (I can see the mouth of it from my window) when it starts changing colors, it is really quite pretty. Unfortunately winter always comes after it changes. :(