Hawt Australian Vice Prime Minister Attempting To Oust Prime Minister


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Nov 11, 2008

Australian PM to call vote on his leadership

(AP) – 4 hours ago
CANBERRA, Australia — Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he will call a party vote on his leadership after being challenged by his deputy.
The surprise move by Rudd late Wednesday comes after Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she would challenge him for the leadership of the government.
The popularity of Rudd, who heads the Labor Party, has plummeted in opinion polls over recent months as a resurgent conservative opposition chose a new leader and made inroads on several issues. They include his proposals to introduce a big new tax on the booming mining industry, and a reversal on the creation of a carbon emission trading scheme.
Australia's military contribution to Afghanistan is not a major issue because it has the support of both major parties.

This would make a lot of Australians happy if Gillard is successful.
The Prime Minister is supposedly holding a vote of confidence in parliament soon. If he loses that vote, then he's out.

He's also supposed to leave today for the G20 summit in Toronto.