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Jul 12, 2009
you're a whore, but in a good way. Kindof.
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I need to spend my time figuring out how to go about applying for a business license. internet. print, fill out, mail in, insurance a phone call or two, and how to price my product.price yourself higher than the competition and tell them you add more value & tell them how. You can always lower your price. (I lose lot's of deals because I don't work cheap.)

Originally Posted by Amstel
I think that covers it.

Maybe. There has to be some initial start up costs. Also I need to work on myself. I'm not really in any mood these days to take on additional work. My current job is making me depressed as hell. The depression from living in the US still has an effect on me. I have issues in almost every aspect of my life. I'm in a real funk at the moment.


I'm in a real funk at the moment.

is the shit you have to change. And quit pretending it's a 'moment.' It's a wee bit longer than a moment, ya think? You had/have a stepson that didn't want to get a job & was pretty much just crashing at the easy living pad right?

Similarities? -not the easy living part, the NOT MAKING GOOD CHANGES PART!

Not a good change:
My current job is making me depressed as hell.

You're either purposely surviving off of the suck of 'poor leeeums. it will get better' support group, or you need a swift kick in the ass from yourself or someone around you.

Dude, you so got this and you so fake not being able to. This playing hard to get, coy, BS is starting to show. Quit pretending to be your own worst enemy. It's looking like an attention ploy.

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.

The method is exactly the same:

It's snowing outside and you have no clue how to get this shit off your driveway so you open the garage door, look at 3 feet of snow and think we'll never get out of here. does it stop there for you?

Or do you say, I'm going to start moving this shit out of the way, grab several handfulls, throw them off to the side, & about the time you realize your hands are in God Damned pain you think, maybe, if I put something over my hands it will help. So you get gloves. It helps, but it's still taking so god damned long and because you're a reasonably intelligent guy, you think, hmmm. Something bigger than my gloves will move more of this shit. hmmm. JULIES BOWL FROM THAT FUCKING MIXER! Now, the shit is moving faster still, but your neighbors are still smoking your ass with these stick things with these half cylinder things you can see over the snow. . . hmm. maybe I could get closer to it & see what it is. hmmm. Seen that shit in the stores, so that's what they're for. So you tell the guy, I'll pay you $10 if I can borrow that thing for a couple hours when you're done. & Bam, you're really moving now. You're doing it like everyone else. Feels pretty good. You head back into the house, throw your wife down on the bed adn do things to her that guys who accomplish things in life do, and feel good about it.

or, you can just look at 2 feet of snow and think we'll never get out of here.

baby steps. you have to take one before anything will look any different. It's not about moving to a different mental place and planting yourself cuz your not happy now. it's only about moving. You have to keep moving. You can clearly see what happens when you mentally plant yourself. No matter where you are, you're stuck. baby steps. you never stop taking them. Good luck.


Working on this might be a good thing for you actually. Spending time working on a project like this, something you are excited about and you know would make you happy in the end, could help pull you out of your funk. Get you to think about something more positive.

I completely agree. Getting shit accomplished feels great, and motivates you to accomplish more shit.

I know you can do it because you are passionate. Trust. That's the main quality you need.
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