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Pics Au revoir my subjects, me and Di off to Windsor tonight!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Dory, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. We leave you with a parting family album on which you may gush adoringly:

    On our wedding day with dear Di holding tre and by my side are darling April and fly, such a budding romance,


    A snapshot from Di's third diplomatic visit to NASA where she stumbled upon Drool:


    And finally vacationing in Hawaii with Duke and GH0ST:


    Fair well for now!

  2. That Drool fellow is quite the distinguished gentleman.

    Always flushes numerous times in the royal bath.

    Well, I simply must nap before the ball tonight.

  3. Try not to throw her down the stairs and fuck Camilla behind her back.
  4. Where are you hiding the ginger one?
  5. I shall see you in the inner chamber of our honeymoon suite before we avast.
  6. Because he's not a gold star gay.
  7. TTFN, long ears!
  8. That would be a Royal Flush then.
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  9. *royal bow*
  10. Jolly good show old chap!
  11. You challenge me to a duel Sir, sir?
  12. Tickle fight at dawn?
  13. I shall bring my most dazzling ostrich feathers.
  14. And I will bring my fuzzy gloves!
  15. Wearing my clothes again darling?

    That explains the stray bits of wool...
  16. Oh, you sure know how to charm a lady my good sir!
  17. Dammit I thought I got them off with the lint roller.
  18. Really Charles, calling your tongue a lint roller?

    I imagine that's what you say to all of the kitchen staff.
  19. Only when they would like me to 'taste' their 'food'.
  20. Just a 'taste' is it?

    Well it's a darn good thing they have good things to taste amongst that staff.