Attn: Drool-Boy, kristchan, Pandora, theacoustician


Oct 13, 2004
I see you fuckers! sup sup what what??
good t-day had by all?

and to april, I'll send you a rack of lamb to leave my thread open :D :heart:
Pandora said:
Ello!! I had a wonderful Turkey day. Just returned from shopping. We hit up Frys today. :D

what'd you get? pardon my doltishness but you're theacs wife, right? give a shout to my poindexter brethren :cool:
why_ask_why said:
must be a special cup to only buy to expound?:p

You have a lot more red than a few days ago.
Looks like your thieving ways are not working out as well as you might wish.

This forum needs some sort of argument.

You're all sheep fornicaters!