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FYI Attention: Texans

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Your ice cream has been tested by the upper echelon of fine cuisine magazines. The result: It sucks.

    Please note the attached images:




    Thank you Cooks Illustrated.

  2. HFCS and CS? that's impressive!
  3. Texas' rep is on the phone. He says you're digging pretty deep.
  4. Cooks Illustrated is not to be scoffed at good sir.
  5. "Tasters disliked this ice cream's 'over the top' vanilla flavor that tasted 'artificial,' concluding, 'This is not adult ice cream'. Most also panned its insubstantial texture for 'falling apart' in their mouths."

    And this gets a "Recommended with Reservations"? Just how bad were the others that this was a recommended rating? Or just how shitty does this magazine review tastes?
  6. I used to respect Cooks Illustrated.
  7. wtf ice cream connoisseurs? blue bell is so much better than the rest of the ice cream available in this shitty world
  8. It's not even ice cream, I see no eggs in the ingredients.

    And the corn syrup as well as artificial flavouring? Bleaurgh.
  9. I know, I don't like that either... But the taste is phenomenal. Reminds me of the homemade icecream my parents would make when we were kids.
  10. I should get chim to make some more ice cream in our ice cream maker... hmmmmm
  11. Buy an ice-cream maker, and make it yourself :p Your body will thank you later.
  12. We do have one and we do make it... Just not as convenient!
  13. can i buy hfcs in a jar like pancake syrup? cause that would be fudging awesome
  14. Cooks Illustrated can suck it
  15. Go to a fast food restaurant, and ask them to sell you a bag of soda syrup.
  16. My ice cream is a jar of milk fat in the freezer.
  17. I like when chim makes ice cream because he makes angel food cake with the leftover egg whites :drool:
  18. the flavor isn't mixed with it?
  19. The flavour IS the corn syrup :lol:
  20. shens