Attention 360 geeks

I wanna play Okami

Do it. It's an awsome game. Beautiful visuals, smooth controls, wonderful story and characters. I'm quite absorbed in it currently. It is tiding me over nicely till FFXII comes out in 26 days.

There are so many cool, creative touches in this game. One of them that I really enjoyed happened last night. You find a peice of paper to make a mask like the Imps wear (theirs have different japanese hiragana/katakana symbols on them) and the game actually lets you use the celestial brush to paint whatever the hell you want on the sheet, and then transfers it flawlessly onto the sheet in red paint, which is then worn over Ammy's (the wolf's) face throughout the following dungeon. I painted a silly face with cross eyes and a tounge sticking out, looks quite humorous over Ammy's face.

And if you still aren't sold, then let me present you with this. In the game, you have the ability to learn a new god technique at teh cost of 100,000 yen. This technique allows you to insult demons on the field of battle, which causes them to drop a demon tooth. This technique . . . . THE GOLDEN RAGE! I am quite serious when I tell you that executing this move causes Ammy to lift her leg, and spray a painted stream of dog-water on your enemies. It even makes a little *tinkle tinkle* noise when you do it.

Buy this game as soon as you possibly can.