atlanta people, come see my band! 10/6

i completely beg to differ here. i wouldn't say everything else is irrelevant without offspring either, but like it or not, offspring happens, and it happens for some reason or another. it's not going to change.
and i don't think humans necessarily do more bad than good to each other...i think it's definitely more "interesting" when bad happens, which is why we hear it so much more than the good. good is boring. who wants to hear how the man at the post office turned on his heel to go BACK to open the door for me and my full arms? who cares that just today, the car who had a green light stopped to let me in the line? no one's impressed by that, sadly...but it happens. good things happen every single day, and many of them. we just don't hear or remember or register them. :(
Except humans do do more bad than good. Sure someone might be polite and hold a door open for you, but that doesn't make him a good person. Are they a positive constructive force when it matters? What does he invest his money in? Did he walk out the door and climb into a brand new Suburban? Does he live in a beige box or McMansion? Does he make any effort whatsoever to conserve resources? IF he votes, does he vote for what is morally just and fair or what benefits him the most? When the sh*t hits the fan does he accept responsibility? Or does he sell everyone out to save his own skin? If he saw someone being agressive towards you and your child would he intervene? I can tell you with certainty, he more than likely wouldn't. THAT is the reality of today's humanity.

Thorn Bird said:
and children start out with completely clean slates. they are born into this world wet clay. they are not mini-versions of their parents. they are unique individuals who happen to need strict guidance. i do not OWN my child, or the CORE of my child, anyway. i am the guardian of this child until she is old enough to fend for herself, just like animals. yes, imperfections happen, they are human, too, but the parents who do work hard on their children really strive to make the best decisions and guide their children slowly into the world. and yes, there are a lot of stupid, lazy parents out there who don't have a CLUE how to effectively raise and manage children, and there again, they are the ones always getting the attention, but there are millions of people doing the best jobs they can with their children, and that should not be thrown to the wayside to focus on the negative. that's all people want to seem to do these days..people do bad, people are bad. that's simply not all there is to the world.
Kids do not start off with clean slates. Classic nature vs. nurture here. Sure kids aren't EXACT miniversions of their parents, but studies show that DNA has a lot to do with things. Regardless, last time I checked, children have to be taught to share. They have to be taught to think outside their own wants and needs. They must be taught compassion, otherwise they default to self preservation. And I honestly do not believe that most parents do the best they can. Sure the bad ones get all the news attention, but there are many many more that never make the news. Most parents might do what they must for their kids, but they don't do THE BEST they can for them. Hell, I can't think of a single person, regardless of children, that really does THE BEST that they can....including me! :(

Thorn Bird said:
sure, people are wired for survival, but so are animals and trees and any other living thing. it's all about survival and reproduction...i don't care what species you are talking about. it is a shame that survival of the fittest isn't in play like it used to be for humans, what with modern medicine and laws and such, but i'd like to hold a little hope for the human race. we are still young, and still learning, and still naive creatures, but i'd like to think that a solid portion of this race have strong hearts and spirits. and maybe, just maybe, those good, strong souls can help the other souls that aren't as fortunate to be good.
good almost always overrides bad in any comic book or movie. i'd like to think that with a little work, that could be true in the real world, too.
Except the trees and animals are not capable of comprehending anything more than their survival. Humans have the capacity to understand the big picture and make decisions that aren't detrimental to the well-being of our planet (and everything that depends on it for survival; ie their own offspring). Most make no effort to tho. And there's only so much the strong souls can do for them. Soooo many of the 'less fortunate' would rather split hairs than acknowledge their role in the problem and make any effort to resolve it. Not too far in our distant past 250,000 Americans risked EVERYTHING they had for what they believed in. Over 25,000 of them died on the battlefield for their cause. Today maaaybe half of our population will even make an effort to simply go vote.
too bad none of you punks made it...we killed...awesome show...about 50 people came out...the owner and the crowd loved us and we'll be back up there soon so come on out for the next one...should be within the next month
Why are you up so early? A successful rocker like you should still be in bed shitfaced banging 5 chicks at the same time.
sorry julie, that's a pretty tall order and may never happen :hs:

i know. :( we called the place yesterday to find that out. i may have to wait till after the baby comes. :( but...y'all will just be that much better then, right? ;)

seriously, if you know that you are going to be playing outside or in a public, no smoking place, please let me know. i'd really, really like to come out and see you. :heart: