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Sep 30, 2004
Since I anticipate another excruciatingly dull day here at the ole job-ola again today, this thread shall be an effort to keep me somewhat entertained.

You may ask me anything you wish and I will answer as honestly as I can , altho there is no guarantee as to the correctness of my anwers.

Ask away.
b_sinning said:
I have to leave work in a little while to attend an Easter Party at my 3 year old sons school. I will gladly trade places with you Drool.

No thanks.
Crowds of screaming children bring out the urge to use duct tape and burlap sacks.
theacoustician said:
Why do you live in a land full of steers and queers?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no steers in Houston. You have to travel well out into the country side to find any anymore (except during rodeo time when the football stadium smells like manure). There are plenty of queers in the downtown/montrose area however. Jaxxor can attest to that as he warbles at the tranny bars for dollar bills nightly.

As to why I live in Houston? My father was in the Army National Guard and transferred here when he got a promotion of some sort. I grew up here, and I will probably raise a family of my own here.