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Thread Article: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Sorry, but I have to agree with my littlest hobo here.
    I was born in a 3rd world country.. Seen people work 1000x harder than anyone in the USA only to have 10% of what a "poor" person, by american standards would have....

    YOU GO @Nemesi. Spit your troof gurrrrl!
  2. That's all fine and dandy, but it doesn't change the fact that a big percentage of our poor people suck.

    Granted, a big percentage of our rich people suck too. Sad part is my taxes go to paying for both of them.
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    Again, your lack of understanding of this country is marring your judgement. Work hard and go to college. It's almost a guarantee here that you'll be some sort of middle class here with that simple plan. (And as GHOST pointed out, sometimes you don't even need college if you work hard enough.)

    Your blind rage is preventing you from understanding how it works here. Settle down. Of course not everyone can be middle class. By its very definition, there has to be a lower class. And I'm fine with people being there if they are fine with subsistence living. I just don't want to pay a shitload of money to give them the same things that I have worked hard to attain.
  4. :lol: the downsides to swype.
  5. My lack of understanding?

    This simple thinking shows your own, sorry.

    I can't really be bothered to debate with people who have no compassion for their fellow man and think they've had 'struggles' when in reality I imagine they don't quite comprehend what many people deal with on a daily basis. Working hard and going to college is not always within your control, and thinking it is is stupid. I'm glad you found it possible, but we're not all the same and not everybody is born equal.
  6. lol @ you saying Zac, and abstractly me, were born privileged.
  7. Number one reason so many of the middle class have issues with welfare. It's not welfare any more. It's balancing out the middle and lower classes to be the same, while the upper class skips along laughing the entire way.
  8. Bigger lol at you denying your privilege.

    You were born in a first world country
    You were born white
    You were born male
    You were born with a supportive or loving family
    You were born with a roof over your head, running water and free education (up to a certain age).

    No privilege? Yeah. Right.
  9. So now you're moving the target, but if you would just prefer to stop debating on this - we can.
  10. So were most of our "less fortunate"...
  11. My parents were shit broke and just out of high school when they had me. Neither graduated college, but were raised right, and as a result, their hard work made them able to eventually create a stable financial environment for themselves.

    Of course, it didn't happen until their 40's when all of us kids moved out :lol:
  12. I didn't move any target at all and don't know why you're pretending I did, but whatevs.

    I don't really expect much more from many of you and it's sad. It's sad when you can't acknowlege other states of minds, life experiences and situations. It really is.
  13. You basically just described yourself beyond the issue of sex, you realize that right?
  14. Were they?

    'You were born white
    You were born male
    You were born with a supportive or loving family'

    Sadly, again sadly, when you talk about people who are 'less fortunate' you (royal you, not you plot) tend to incorporate people of certain races within that bracket, not exclusively but it's obvious certain people are included. I suppose some of you might deny it, but it's fairly obvious.
  15. You, saying this..

  16. Am I denying privilege? Am I pretending everyone can get where they want in life? Am I pretend things are fair or unbiased?


    This is what we are discussing, and what many of you are denying.
  17. How is it your one sentence took over 2000 pages of govt bureaucracy.
  18. She has a little bit of a point, what is that bit Louis CK does about being white?
  19. So, yellow people in Japan are privileged

    White people in Russia are privileged.

    It comes from being the majority, and sometimes founding, race for their country of origin.

    Yet, yellow privileged doesn't exist in china. There it's all based on class. Same with India. To say 'whites are privileged' is a misnomer that ignores similar situations for different races in other parts of the world.

    Basically, you lack the correct worldview to make that statement. When you consider the racial diversity of the US compared with other nations, you might gain a better perspective on the issue.
  20. Something about being white meaning winning the human lottery, and that no white person would swap with a black man.

    But yeah.