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Thread Article: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Feb 21, 2013.

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  2. As you're entitled to. :lol:
  4. Ahahahahahahahaahahahahaaaaa
  5. I was born poor. I decided to not follow that trend. I worked my ass off. I paid, and am still paying, for my own college. I'm now solidly middle class. Because of me. So yes, fuck them and their shitty lives.
  6. This, cept I didn't bother to go to college.
  7. Poor people = bad decisions and bad luck, mostly bad decisions.
  8. But you can't expect people from a country where you don't earn things to understand. Is it harder here? Maybe. Overall, it seems to be working pretty damn well though.
  9. Well bully for you!!!!

    Well done for being born white. I'm sure you had a hand in that.
  10. So in answer to DJB's question of 'is a case of I'm-Alright-Jack?' the answer is of course yes.

    So sad.
  11. My point is that you free admit to taking food and shelter without paying for it. And apparently get free healthcare. That works for you. Good. I grew up in a culture where you earn things instead of taking them. I find this ultimately more rewarding then the thought of your system.
  12. Well that's pretty racist. Not all black people are poor.

  13. :lol:

    There's no such thing as free healthcare. I pay for it with my taxes, not to mention I work in the NHS helping people so shove it.
  14. I never said they did. But congratulations on being born in a privileged position, I'm glad you feel you have done so well without any 'handsouts' but in actual reality you were born white and you were born male, you won the lottery compared to others so don't give the condescending bullshit about 'you can do anything you want if you try hard enough' because it's bullshit.
  15. Were you paying for it when you were squatting and eating out of dumpsters?
    And congrats to you to being born white and female in a developed nation. So what?

    And, at least here, you can do something if you try hard enough. Maybe things work differently over there. I don't know and I wouldn't expect you to know about growing up over here either.
  16. Your outlook is a spoonfed fantasy. The world does not work in terms of 'oh if you work hard enough you can do x, y and z'. People are not born equal, nor do they have equal opportunities in life, nor are there even the right amount of places for everyone who wants to be in that position. How exactly do you explain that one away?

    People work hard every day and will never be where you are. This isn't their fault. They're not to blame, they're not a shitty person who made bad choices unless being born was their choice, they're not less hard working than you, they just don't realise this bullshit dream is a dream. Economies do not work with everyone being middle class if they try hard enough, you're not so stupid you think that, right?

    And so what? So what is that I don't try and feel superior or shit on people who weren't born into such a privileged place as me. That's what.
  17. You've admitted to taking food and shelter as well. You just said you were born poor. Get over yourself.
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    @fly VS @Nemesi

    Fall back @Duke looks like you have the morning shift off!!
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    Meh, I'm not really in the mood today. I just despise this black and white fantasy world, it's so fuckin ignorant. I know maybe Zac feels like he's had it hard but it's nothing in comparison to many, and yet there's no compassion, which I find pretty sick.
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