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Thread Article: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Sarcasmo, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. i can affirm that it WAS a hotbed. i deny that it IS STILL one.

    you will find racism and prejudice everywhere. i know alabama takes it up the ass oftentimes, but in truth, it's not like most people assume it is going to be.
  2. I thought alabama was totally against taking it up the ass.
  3. I had thought that Mississippi was the queen bee for racism.
  4. touche!! :D

    actually, i think anything but missionary is illegal. or something.
  5. actually, i agree with you, and if you had to pick one from the present....i would pick mississippi. :/
  6. Does that mean we have to cancel our plans for my next visit?
  7. it's only illegal if you get CAUGHT. :D :bast:
  8. I like where this is going
  9. I play the lottery. :mad:
  10. The lottery is rigged.
  11. Stupid tax.
  12. Spend your own money on something of your choice? What a stupid scumbag!
  13. I think the lottery is a waste of time + money. The odds are fucking ridic. I have never played it. My exHusb use to play it but I was like whatevez

    Fun Fact: I have 3 exboyfriends who have won the lottery after us breaking up.
    Jay won 120k
    Dino won 250k
    And Marcus won 750k

  14. I agree!
  15. Tell Fly to check his pm's. :heart:
  17. It's know as a poor tax or stupid tax here. Stop being angry.
  18. Stop projecting anger at me :lol:

    I just find it funny how you judge how someone chooses to spend their money when you'll buy booze or drugs with yours, does coke and whiskey give you a shot at being a millionaire?
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  19. All I took away from this post is that breaking up with you is like winning the lottery.
  20. It's a demographics thing. Most of people who buy lottery tickets don't really have the discretionary budget to be gambling. They also shouldn't be buying booze or drugs.