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[Front Page] Article: tasker, unlock your phone for a couple of seconds when you get a text messag

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I think I'll just lock my phone. Good luck tho
  2. Ok. when i am feeling less poor, i will order the gps antenna. My fuckin basement flooded and killed my hot water heater and furnace last night.

    edit: thank you
  3. I dont see how locking your phone increases your chances in any way of getting it back. I think it decreases them.
  4. I'd rather them not be able to get into it at all. I have my phone number and email on the lock screen, so hopefully someone would return it. If not, I just paid the idiot tax. On the flip side, I'd love to see them use your phone and your 120 pound ass try and go get it. Or, good luck getting a cop to give a shit.
  5. Is your personal data really worth less than the ~$300 to get a replacement phone?
  6. This is domon, logic is left at the door.
  7. If it is theft (and there is insurance) it should come to $0
  8. Depends on the insurance. If you get the carrier provided insurance there's usually a deductible to pay. We got ours through mdpa and after using it a couple times for repairs (my wife is a phone destroyer) it's more than paid for itself. Best part is that her feature phone was only $20 to insure for the year.

    If I was going to do it again I would try and find a company that'll provide a loaner device. I had to get a phone for her to use while hers was in for service. It was a $10 throwaway but still a hassle. Makes Google voice totally worth it though.
  9. this thread is full of nerd :oook:
  10. BTW, just for Domon, I created a new Tasker profile that takes a picture, notes the location, and uploads both to my Dropbox when someone enters an incorrect PIN twice. I'll write it up. :)
  11. That's awesome
  12. pfft, i dont need tasker. Android lost and cerberus both already do that

    Good for you though, thatll add 90% of the security while maintaining your lock. Wont continue to track it, but will at least get it at the first location where you left it.
  13. if your plans work out with #HotMohammad you'll be full of nerd.
  14. It could, if I wanted it to. That's the point of Tasker. It can replace a ton of other apps without a ton of other apps running in the background. And again I challenge you, what are you going to do with the data on where your phone is?
  15. Amazingly, the cops here are decent. If you bring em a comprehensive, well organized, report on where exactly your phone is at that minute, with pictures of the perp, etc, theyll go get them. No fucks given about your phone, but theyre glad to book a thief.
  16. ok whatever. Please never lock your phone.
  17. I wont!

    Dude, its not like I have an item on my home screen or an email in my gmail that says "these are my CC numbers! Steal them!" Yes, a dedicated person with some amount of skill could data mine my email enough to compromise some accounts. But it would be challenging.

    The only reason you're concerned, is that you're afraid they might turn you in for all the pictures of little boys on your phone ;)
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  19. Ew. No. I'm gonna turn him into a thug!