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[Front Page] Article: tasker, unlock your phone for a couple of seconds when you get a text messag

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Updated 2nd post with Tasker attachment profiles for Tapatalk users...

    And btw, this does require root. Android normally doesn't want you programmatically disabling security...
  2. Doesnt running the stock bootloader locked with USB debugging turned off prevent this for most?
    I've had a lock code since I went to a smartphone, way back with the old school Nextel blackberry. Makes me feel safe. In today's world of "out of wallet" challenge questions, having your phone compromised would provide most of these answers.
  3. Possibly? Depending on the phone, it doesn't need to be in the OS to be rooted. I don't pretend to understand how it works, but some Samsung phones can just be put into Download Mode and a rooted recovery flashed to the phone via Odin.
  4. Just did this to my Galaxy S3 yesterday in fact. Rooted, then flash Cyanogenmod 10. It was incredibly easy, the only hiccup was having to use an older version of Google Apps as the latest one crashed the AOSP keyboard for some reason.
  5. Odin is pretty slick. With it you're pretty much able to do whatever. I've pulled data with it before from locked phones. As long as you're in download mode you can do whatever. I don't know about encrypted data though, I've only used it on unencrypted devices.

    However, if debugging is left on you can basically do whatever via an adb shell.

    My point was that unless you're an it nerd a locked boot loader on a stock phone is pretty secure with just a lock code/PW.
  6. Yes, locks keep honest people honest. ;)
  7. It also buys you enough time/effort against dishonest people to maintain your privacy in most cases.
  8. And only serve to encourage those less honest.

    A friend of mine had a laptop stolen out of their apartment, they didn't know it because they hadn't fully unpacked. He discovered it when he saw it was checking in with his server for policy updates. He gave all the info to the police along with snaps from the webcam of a dude using it. Got it back in a week.
  9. See, i don't lock my shit down because i want the asshole thief to use it. If he uses it i can track his ass in 17 different ways with android lost while recording him and taking his picture. If it's locked he just pull the battery and sim immediately giving me less of a winddow. I want to give him just enough rope to hang himself with
  10. But I've got like data on my phone, man.
  11. Fuck that. I can buy another phone. I'd prefer he didn't buy 50 of them between the time he finds it and I realize that its gone.
  12. can tasker sense when a bluetooth device is connected? I want to put an external GPS antenna in my car, and when my phone pairs with it, have tasker launch Google Car Home.
  13. I prolly need to get Tasker
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    Do your CC's not have fraud protection?

    Worst he could access on my phone is my amazon account, which is logged in. He couldnt access my password, he couldnt change it without knowing it (for anything, gmail, amazon, etc). Just because something is logged in, doesnt mean its compromised beyond the ability to use it.

    Thieves are not smart. They are not like us, in which we could have access to the persons entire life and own a house with a mortgage in their name from data mining their shit within a week. Thieves are thieves because theyre stupid and lazy. If they werent stupid and lazy, they wouldnt be doing petty shit like stealing phones.
  15. omg so cool. You should totally work for the CIA or something.
  16. okay.
  17. And how do you know he doesn't?
  18. Wrong three letters
  19. Yes. That's easy enough to do.
  20. GSA?