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[Front Page] Article: do you even look up here? its been stuck here since march!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Doesn't matter, I'd pwn you all
  2. Says you
  3. Says anytime I've stepped foot in that arcade and took all the records
  4. oh god you've pushed me into trippy chopper challenge territory.
  5. How does one step on the internet?
  6. It gets worse. Just wait until they turn into sprockets that spin. That's the next level after the one you're at. By the way, I've given you incentive to reach that now.

    My all time record in that game is 10,000+ (Talk about a mind fuck on your eyes)
  7. With sensible Internet shoes
  8. But are they Static Safety Shoes?
  9. you just won't let me have peace... decided to do some nanaca and got the green bitch on my first try :)

  10. thx for reminding me to clean this thing up. stickied until I do.
  11. Hey fly, when are you gonna mess with this?
  12. or is this just gonna stay sticky?
  13. Just like the sock under your bed
  14. Not sure I'm strong enough to lift up by 3 layer bed to throw shit under it
  15. gawd! you suuuck fly!
  16. The fuck fly. Just delete this.
  17. LOL. I've been busy.
  18. I don't believe you