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[Contest] Article: contest: uf against humanity

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. frat bros experimenting with frot - NO HOMO
  2. coprophagia
  3. fgts keep 'em cumming.
  4. when you sneeze during a beej and cum snorts out
  5. Drool giving advice on girls
  6. I'm a DJ.
  7. go make Jesse a sandwich
  8. Soup kitchen?

    Or do you need a car for that?
  9. willingly participated in bukake
  10. after the first time, tentacle rape isn't so bad
  11. smoking weed from an Obama bowl
  12. banned from chuck e cheese
  13. you say 'Bull', I say 'Obrahma'
  14. moose cock
  15. as soon as puberty hits
  16. tipped the stripper with 2 ativans.
  17. suck me beautiful
  18. :lol: These are aweomse
  19. Chad Kroeger's hair looks like Ramen