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[Contest] Article: contest: uf against humanity

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Dunno, I heard rumors, can't recall what they were anymore though :lol: if Bast ever pops in we could ask his wife.

    Had some good convos with her.
  2. Nothing good. At least as far as theac was concerned. :(
  3. He was a weird guy.
  4. In person, he was hilarious and super cool. He just didn't translate well.
  5. That was another one where we lost them BOTH in the divorce :(
  6. Nah we lost him because he hates us.
  7. Ooohhh what I would give to see theac and Kiki in the same thread .

  8. egads, the internets would implode

  9. but...but...were so goddamn charming...
  10. Cliffs on what happened in the ~5 years I was mia from this place?
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    He was still here when juli and I raided the forum.

    Omg gooood times @Applesauce :heart:
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    I don't think he was. When did you guys get here? It hasn't been that long.
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    I don't think so... this was a very long time ago. Like 2006 or 7.
  14. They were here
    They were the ones that caused him to start that clamhaters thing
  15. Nah that was Valve...
  16. No it wasn't.

    That was nemo/nemesi
  17. It was,. Theac started the Clamblockers as a result.
  18. I joined in 2k8, and he was still here, and always grumpy. It wasn't long after soupqueen flirted and then denied him that he left.
  19. Last I knew, theac was in another long term relationship and happy. Well as happy as he could be. I miss him and wish him well. :hs:
  20. He's remarried. They got married at a brewery last October. Dan and I were invited to the wedding but couldn't go because we were on a cruise at the time. He seems really happy. His wife has a kid, so now he's a step dad.