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Hawt Arrest The Pope!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I fucking wish! It will be interesting to see what transpires, but ultimately I do not expect any arrest of the pope, especially in England.
  2. I would give it a lot more credence if it this action was being taken up by someone other than a vocal atheist. instead, I see this as nothing more than a publicity action.
  3. But only Christians are outspoken
  4. Well he's not just some run of the mill joe blow atheist. He an extremely intelligent man, so is Hitchens.

    It definitely has the possibility, but I just don't see England of all countries arresting the Pope. Hypothetically, that's like Obama arresting Nelson Mandela. If Mandela had committed the same crime.
  5. Yeah right. No one is going to arrest the Pope. There would be an international outcry of butthurtedness the likes of which mankind has never seen before.
  6. Out cry, sure. That big? Highly doubt it.
  7. While it wouldn't be on the level of jihadistic craziness if the top imam of the Islamic religion were arrested, it would not be a quiet thing. Not at all.
  8. Most definitely there will be people extremely disturbed if he is arrested. But ultimately, the guy did something very bad. Some people may just not want to touch this.
  9. The cover up is disgusting and it's sickening how the crimes are just discarded.
  10. If the allegations are true, and I'm going to say that some probably are, and some are probably grossly exaggerated, and he gets arrested for them, while the guys at the top levels of the various banks involved with pretty much the wholesale rape of the world economy not only walk scott free but are able to keep doing what they are doing, then I'm all for anyone who wants to start a global revolution and move us into a state of anarchy.
  11. You're kidding, right? All of Central and South America and most of the U.S. and Europe?
  12. You think every Christian actually cares about the Pope?
  13. Quite a bit do, however, I'd be willing to be that the American outcry would be the lowest of them since American Catholics have become more than a bit apathetic about the church in the past 30 years or so. No idea what the mindset is in Europe, but Central/South americans are freakin crazy about religion.

    Don't even blaspheme within earshot of a catholic mexican mom... It's ugly what happens next.
  14. I think every Catholic does, and untold millions of protestants.

    Hitchens and Dawkins need to understand that while they don't care about religion, religious people don't care about them, either. They aren't doing this for posterity, they're doing it to further their own goals and beliefs. It's political.
  15. All Chatholics do? lol, you're dreaming..
  16. Seriously, and people thought the Brazilian soccer riots were bad....
  17. Central and South America may cry big indeed, but will anyone hear them?
  18. I wouldn't say every Catholic would protest, but I guarantee every Catholic would care.
  19. #6 most populous city proper in the world along with #3 most populous metropolitan area? Yeah I'd say people would notice.
  20. Good point. Overall, though, an action like this of arresting the pope, who, technically, is a state leader, would have farther reaching implications across the board. While catholics on the whole may not be as militant as Islamics, make no mistake that this kind of action, if followed through, could just as easily result in an explosion of protests and riots across the globe, or simply just become fodder for the blogosphere and nothing more. Neither result would surprise me.