Baby Are we ignoring Sarcasmo on Purpose?


Messin’ with Sasquatch
Apr 22, 2005
Is there some reason I SHOULDN'T wish him happy birthday? If so, sorry, I didn't get the memo.

Happy Birthday Sarcasmo. Here's wishing you lots of bday sex from your on again off again long distance relationship!


Oct 13, 2004
I never look at the page with the bday listings.

happy bday, dude. get yourself a buzz and some tail.


Wants to kiss you where it stinks
Jun 9, 2006
A few weeks back, I had a CL ad up, and I got a taker. He wanted to walk in and find me blindfolded, lubed, ass in the air.

No problemo.

He came, he saw, he came. It was hot, of course because I don’t know what he looked like at all, just what his cock felt like.

And it felt like a decently thick 7 inches.

Anyway, about every week after he sends me an email letting me know that he wants to breed me again.

Well, I was horny last night, so I told him that he could cum breed me.

He told me to be blindfolded and lubed and on my back. And that he had a surprise for me.

At the prescribed time I buzz him up and am waiting as dictated. I hear my door open, and hear him shuffle back to my bedroom.

Only something isn’t quite right. I have a feeling that he isn’t alone.

Sure enough I hear more than one set of feet, two belt buckles hitting the floor, etc.

And two bodies climb onto my bed.

It was a bit nervewracking— but it was also pretty hot.

One of the guys starts fingering lube into my hole roughly, while the other straddles my chest and starts feeding me his cock.

As soon as the cock goes in my mouth, I know it’s the new guy. His cock is thin and hard, but long!

He’s fucking my mouth and gagging me with his meat when the other guy shoves into my ass.

Yeah, Thats the thick cock I remember!

He immediately starts fucking me hard, and I start going to town sucking his buddy.

So far neither has said a word- so I start with the dirty talk. I tell them it’s so hot that they’re tag teaming me- that I love being used in both ends.

I start to beg the guy fucking to drop his load in my guts, so that his buddy can churn it and add his load too.

The guy fucking really starts pounding me, then he says, “Fuck yeah— I’m gonna breed this hole!! Take my nutload, bitch!!”

Then I feel his cock twitching and pulsing in me and I know he’s dumping his DNA.

As soon as his Dick is done sputtering, he pulls out and tells his buddy to breed me too.

The guys switch places, and mr long dick slides right into my cumchute. He hits deep, and it feels awesome!

Then the first guy shoves his slimy, semi-hard cock into my mouth and tells me to suck him clean.

Fuck yeah!!! I’m in pig heaven sucking on a cummy cock, while my ass is being pounded and getting sloppy!

Between cleaning I start begging for te other dude’s load! I tell him to hurt me with his long dick and to paint my guts.

And after a few more thrusts, he does. He pokes me deep and starts squirting. And I swear it almost feels like he’s pissing up my ass!!

My ass gets uncomfortablly full of jizz— and I beg him to pull out. When he does, I feel a HUGE blob of cum blow out of my ass and get all over the sheets.

So fucking hot!!

Then long dick presents his pole to my mouth, so I can clean him too. His cum tastes sweet.

Then they both dress in silence and leave me a blindfolded cummy mess.

Birthday story for you.


Doesnt Read Thread Titles
Sep 1, 2006