April Fool's jokes

Fat Burger

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Sep 30, 2004
Portland, OR
So "Skye" and I were talking earlier this morning, and we decided that we need to do an April Fool's joke at work this year. My preference would be to do a joke on the whole rest of the department, but that would be extremely difficult. So maybe we should do something to our manager. Any ideas? He's very naive and political (AND REPUBLICAN LOLOLOL), married, two sons....uhh...not sure what other information would be useful.
^^ place rainbows, pro-choice buttons, and Democrat paraphenalia all over his office. if you have access to his system, change all his icons and wallpaper to the Democrat Donkey.
Ryokurin said:
has he met fuxx yet? Does he know you are getting married? Get a guy friend to come up as her.

(but ethically risky in today's modern political setting)
Send an email posing as one of his sons. He is coming out of the closet and will endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2008 elections.
You could tell them you'll treat them all to the Hooter's in Beaverton.. and then don't show up :D