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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 10, 2013.

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    You only have to qualify for the huge ones like the Boston marathon, and even then it's only because of limited space for extremely high demand. You qualify running these smaller ones anyone can do.
  2. Do the profits even go to a charity at all?
  3. I don't know a lot about the Rock n Roll Marathon series in St. Pete, but the one in DC does a lot of good for several charities including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I've worked with them on it a few times. I work on a lot of local marathons and triathlons with Tricolumbia and they support a few local charities so I get to see where the money goes and who it supports pretty directly. However, Tricolumbia is a non-profit and Competitor Group (the people that run the Rock n Roll series) are not a non-profit, so I'm sure they make their money first.
  4. I don't know.
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    I belong to The Runners Room, don't know if you guys have this out there. I ran with them last year. We could sign up for Marathons thru them, but pretty much anyone can run.
    This running clinic was amazing and taught me how to run properly.
    Loved my running team. But since I got my treadmill I stopped going :(
  6. The genius is thinking about doing another one.

  7. When you see all the 26.2 stuff it makes your 13.1 feel woefully inadequate.

    She's got a new goal.
  8. No, a full marathon is just stupid.
  9. I only ran 80 or so of them.

    And you're right.
  10. The Rock N Roll series of races is good at fucking people over. F33nX won't run them anymore. Always a major fuck up at some point on there part.
  11. Did Ape beat your other friend? Gotta know which is the better friend. :fly:
  12. Then it's on to the ultra-marathons.
  13. April is gunning for the Iron Man next.
  14. Roger has done like a bazillion of these things and his work is as an event manager for these types of events. He didn't post his time, but I bet it was good.
  15. There's an Iron Girl in Clearwater in April.
  16. While April only does this to get out of doing anal for a week or so while her buttocks heal.
  17. Its very rewarding.
  18. Lmaooo
  19. she injured the cheeks, not the hole. She'll be fine.
  20. Nope, the hole hurts too. I should have lubed up.