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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Amaziiiiing!!! Wow what an awesome goal to scratch off your bucket list!

    I'm super proud of you :heart:
  2. Hey I just said that!!
  3. you dont count.
  4. u said it a hour after she said it
  5. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Go Apez!!
  6. :heart:
  7. congrats, that's awesome!

    your ass chafed?
  8. Yes. I wasn't expecting that.
  9. chamois butter is good stuff. i don't think anyone ever expects it until they can't sit properly... ;)
  10. My coworkers niece had chub rub. I should have bathed in that.
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    chub rub?

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    When fat rubs together. Lube it up!
  13. Should have just had fly spit on it.
  14. way to go!
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    @APRIL how does one go about signing up for something like this? Do you have to participate in a certain amount of smaller races first?
  16. I doubt there is an international association of runners that goes around policing these things. You probably just have to find one, then sign up for it.
  17. and pay the entry fee, which is the only thing keeping you from running any marathon or half marathon you want.
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    Nope, just sign up. They want your money. :fly:

    5k's are a lot more fun. Plus I don't feel like I'm dying the next day after one. Welp, got this out of the way. heh.
    Tell me about it. It was $90 bucks to sign up, fees for parking, shuttle, etc. I felt a bit raped.

    Here's my score card, I didn't even finish in the top half. Oh well! All I wanted to do is complete it.[​IMG]
  19. I had another friend do that race too! Wtg April. Quite an accomplishment.