Anyone want to trade sekret santas?



I want april. I'm going to take her to exotic/erotic places just like her sig says.

I only have one question, do I need to buy TWO plane tickets?

j/k, share the love. Just a friendly reminder to send out your sekret presentz. DON'T FORGET NOW
The fourth rule of sekrat santa is that if you talk about sekrat santa we're going to bathe with the soap we made outta your ass.
I only brought it up because I keep forgetting. And then I remember last minute. But I'm scared I will forget and then be shunned from the board.
fly said:
How does one make soap of ones ass?
Well, the salt balance has to be just right, so the best fat for making soap comes from humans. Keeping this in mind, where is most fat stored? That's right, in the ass.