Hawt Anyone up for a Texas meet up?


Wants to kiss you where it stinks
Jun 9, 2006
I think chim and I should start venturing around our new state. Who would be up for a visit from chim and I sometime this year? I am sure we could host an event as well if people are interested. Houston, of course.

You've got a place to stay in Fort Worth if you feel like coming this way. Not sure when I'd be able to venture down to Houston. I have very few free weekends what with all the sailing and keel maintenance I have to do.

no, the one that keeps you on a leash..

No, I am just being the conscientious partner and making sure it is ok because he works that night and might want to go somewhere after he is off his shift. If I am getting some nookie from Drool, then I might be late tonight.