Anyone make weekly NFL threads?



Week 11 NFL thread

Steelers win a close one. Big Ben gets rattled.

Rams go flat after beating Seattle again

McNair finds the endzone in win over jaguars

Miami loses again

please add!
I'm 13-2 so far this week on my picks. My only 2 losses is the Jets/Browns game because the Browns kicker all of a sudden can't kick and the Cards/Panthers game, where they pulled a Broncos and invented a running game with a no name back. lolwtf. oh well, I called every other game right.
I'm 12-3 because i picked jax and arizona (dont ask me what i was on when i did that)

I also thought st louis was going to do more then 17 points
I watch football on Sundays when my husband is home. That actually means he watches football and I curl up with him and take a long nap.