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Halp Anyone here know exchange?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Jonny_B, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. I'm a total exchange noob. It's been working fine for a couple years, but now we're hitting some folder size limits. One option is autoarchive on the users desktop, but I don't like the idea of there being a pst with a bunch of email that doesn't get backed up sitting on someone's machine. Is there a way to run autoarchive through exchange so that the archive folders are stored on the server where they'll be backed up, and perhaps even be available through outlook web access?
  2. park the pst files on a file server that gets backed up
  3. If you autoarchive, the setting for the location is in Outlook itself. You can write a script that will modify the default location to be on the server (aka a user's home drive) instead of on their computer.
  4. Alternately you could disable quotas on the exchange server.
  5. :lol: Well yeah there's that too. Then you have 120GB mailboxes because people hate deleting emails
  6. That's probably me. I never delete anything and I scan to email using photo mode.
  7. you could also implement symantec enterprise vault. we love having that here. :giant rolleyes:
  9. Do you use deleted items as a folder as well?
  10. This is what we do.
  11. storing things in your temp file is always a good practice as well
  12. do small companies have to deal with SOX compliance?
  13. Only publicly traded companies do.
  14. ah, right
  15. yeah, no SOX. i was considering the pst archives on the server idea but wasn't sure if that was sort of a patchwork method. i thought there might be some built in thing in exchange i should use. sounds like the server based .pst's are the way to go.

    i also thought of removing the mailbox size limit, but am concerned that overly large mailboxes may slow performance of outlook. yes? no?
  16. Yes it can.
  17. ok, so network pst's it is. thanks y'all.
  18. I don't delete! Yay!

    Except for personal emails., which are rare.
  19. iirc, that technically isn't supported by Microsoft for some reason.
    You should try EMC's product. Just like all their other products, its a giant hunk of shit.
  20. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    that shit sucks. now we have to deal with this giant PITA program called SAP to comply.